The Absence of Work – Elena Bajo

Performance Project at Liste 17, Basel

ONE: 11.6.12 // 16 Uhr
TWO: 13.6.12 // 19 Uhr




Performance 13/06/12


Performance Projekt Liste 17, Basel 2012

Gibst Du mir Steine, geb ich Dir Sand.
Ruban Grilo, Quynh Dong, Elena Bajo, Matteo Rubbi, Jasiek Mischke, Christian Ratti, Filip Gilissen, Rebecca Stephany
Kuratiert von Burkhard Meltzer

Curated by Burkhard Meltzer

The young art fair in Basel has not only been an international platform for young galleries since the 1990s, it also initiated a special programme of performances in 2005. If you think of body-related stage performances, interventions in everyday-life-situations or lecture performances in the work of many artists in the past years, you could speak of a renaissance of performative formats in contemporary artistic practice. Unlike other exhibition spaces, an art fair is primarily an event – a platform for conversations and activities. You could speak of the fair itself in terms of an ongoing performative format that continues for a week. Within that framework, the artists of the 8th edition of the Performance Project, deal primarily with modifications of symbolic and economic exchange by negotiating the aesthetics of transfer.